Care home office furniture made simple

care home office furniture

Is your care home office furniture a pain in the neck?

Staff welfare is especially important for care home staff working under pressure. The office environment has a significant impact on their mental wellbeing, their physical health and their productivity, so what are the five critical issues we’re asked about when clients are choosing safe, comfortable and conducive office furniture?

  1. What impact can office furniture have on the physical health of my team?

Uncomfortable staff can’t perform at the optimum level. The wrong furniture can cause poor posture, neck pain, compromised blood circulation and tiredness. It can also demotivate your team. Staff retention and recruitment is hard enough these days, so it makes sense to look after all your staff.

“You know what you find in a great office?
Great people.”

Furncare office furniture is no different to our other specialist furniture ranges. It’s designed with safety in mind. With no less than eleven office chairs, seven configurations of desks and 23 storage furniture options plus meeting tables to choose from, you can give your office staff a safe, pleasant and affordable working environment.

  1. Why are there so many desk options available?

The right desk will make it safer and easier to perform key tasks and encourage productivity. The Optima Straight and Crescent desks in the Furncare range are designed to provide maximum accessible space, accommodate computers and screens, and provide easy access to the left or right without restriction of movement. Not only are they safer and comfortable, they can also be configured to make the most of the available space in your office.

  1. Why have ergonomic office chairs become so popular?

Anyone working in a care home will know how delicate the human body can be – inappropriate office furniture presents a risk to even the healthiest staff.

Modern office chairs help to support good posture and reduce pressure on the spine. With height, backrest, lumbar and armrest adjustments, users can find their ideal settings, combating discomfort and fatigue and enabling them to maintain focus and productivity throughout their shift.

All the operator chairs in the Furncare Office collection offer an impressive range of adjustment settings, and colours to suit your existing office décor. The options for more relaxed visitor, reception and meeting chairs is also impressive, with upholstery designs, fabrics and colours to suit your precise requirements.

  1. How can I safely store everything, even when space is tight in the office?

Safe and secure storage space can be specified to suit even the smallest office. From tall bookcases and lockable storage units to compact cupboards, bookcases and pedestal cabinets, the Furncare range enables you to make full use of all your precious office space.

Bulky items come pre-built or flat-packed. Our helpful Furncare delivery team can build the furniture for you on site and will take it to the precise room of your choice. We’ll even fix it to the wall if required – ideal for more challenging environments.

  1. What does your office furniture say about your care home brand?

The benefits of smart offices are significant. Not only do they influence the mindset and productivity of your staff, they also create a great impression when showing visitors around your care home. Even our sturdy 25mm work surfaces and hard-wearing edges are designed to withstand unforgiving treatment and still look smart, stylish and impressive.

Furncare office furniture comes in a variety of wood finishes from Amber Oak to White, and many items can be with you within five working days.

Call Furncare today if you’d like any more information or to order your office furniture on 01603 664 900, email or use the web chat service below.

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