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Creating safe, homely and comfortable interiors relies on creativity, expertise and technical knowledge. There are a complex range of building and social care standards and regulations to be complied with, and often unique requirements that demand bespoke solutions. 

Furncare have worked with the most talented and respected interior designers in the market for many years. Together, we’ve developed specialist, compliant furniture collections that you’ll find furnishing care homes from Scotland to Bournemouth and Wales to Norfolk.  

Care Home Interiors


With our exclusive ranges for every type of room and establishment, fabulous upholstery fabrics and market-leading turnaround times within five days for pieces from our extensive stock ranges it’s no wonder that Furncare are at the heart of interior design thinking in the care sector. 

Specialist Interiors for Dementia Homes

The University of Stirling is home to the internationally renowned Dementia Services Development Centre. Furncare worked with the unrivalled experts at the University to create exclusive Dementia-friendly interiors. We can support designers catering for this growing market and can offer sound advice to establishments planning their Dementia facilities.

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Innovation, attention to detail and specialist support

Furncare use the latest innovations and specialist healthcare products. Our popular water and stain resistant upholstery fabrics, lumbar support and ergonomic design principles provide practical yet attractive solutions for even the most challenging environments, all whilst considering LRV and colour in design. 

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These are just a few of the care companies we’ve been privileged to partner with on care home interiors projects over the years.



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