DISTINCTIVE interiors for those living with dementia

Distinctive interiors for those living with dementia…

Developed in partnership with leading academics and care professionals, Remini is a brand new furniture collection designed specifically for those living with dementia.

As life expectancy increases, more of us are having to deal with symptoms collectively known as dementia. This includes difficulty with memory, perception and the processing of colour and coloured surfaces. 

For those with dementia, visuospatial difficulties are commonplace. Cluttered or brightly coloured interiors can trigger confusion and frustration. Conversely, a lack of definition or contrast can have the same effect. Getting the balance right is difficult, but optimum levels can be achieved. 

The Remini Collection is designed with these considerations in mind and includes a range of bedroom interiors with four distinct room schemes to accommodate individual tastes and styles.

As precious time is of the essence, every item in the entire Remini Collection is available from stock within just five days.

The new packages...

Our Admonere wardrobe and cabinets nestle comfortably amongst the gentle greens of the fabrics. With mulberry and olive fabrics inspired by distant lands, you can almost detect a subtle perfume in the air in this natural scheme.

The solid furniture is complemented by natural, organic soft furnishings. With fabrics inspired by the stunning flora of Mandalay and Spectrum Henna contrast piping, this calm room is serene and peaceful.

This sophisticated rural scheme prompts memories of springtime in the country. The misty hues of the bedroom chair give way to delicate foliage on the cushion and curtains, whilst the Lomond teal and gold bed runner is classic country casual.

Bringing the outdoors inside, this evocative scheme captures the character of a cosy country cottage. With the textured weave of Alba upholstery and a Langholm Mulberry fabric bed runner, you can almost hear the sparrows chirping on the windowsill outside.

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