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Attracting and nurturing the best talent

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Social Value programmes help to ensure public funds contribute to social welfare and community wellbeing through economic, social and environmental initiatives within an organisation. Economic objectives include employment and professional development opportunities, but attracting the best talent can still be a challenge for businesses in the care sector.

Not everyone can just turn up at the office on a Monday morning, work five days without distraction then stand down for the weekend before the cycle repeats itself again. And again. We all have competing priorities, so something’s gotta give.

To attract and nurture the best talent, Furncare recognised the need for a more flexible approach a long time ago. The advantages are plain to see, and Jade Eaglen is one of many on the Furncare team to have benefitted in the past year. There are currently around 60 staff across three Furncare sites in the UK.


Jade Eaglen Interior Designer“Being able to develop my career has been wonderful, not only from a professional perspective. I really appreciate being able to balance work and my family life. I hope Furncare feel the same way!”


With a rich skillset and invaluable experience, Jade was a great fit for the Design Coordinator vacancy at Furncare last year. A qualified interior designer with commercial experience and a passion to create beautiful rooms for clients, there was only one ‘problem’. Jade is, amongst many other things, mum to young George. Despite the support of her husband and extended family, juggling the demands of work and family life threatened to undermine Jade’s professional aspirations.

Furncare’s more flexible approach to work and a healthy respect for work/life balance meant that Jade could take on this exciting new role. Working a hybrid week in the office and from home around her childcare responsibilities has worked well. Jade particularly values time with her colleagues in the office, and the opportunity to focus on live projects without distraction at home.

Jade joined Furncare in June 2023, and has become an integral part of a dynamic team. Since then, young George has flourished. He’s now settled into pre-school and has developed a keen interest in tractors and Peppa Pig. His mum still prefers Percy Pig!

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