What’s on the table?

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If you spent a lot of time confined to your bed or a chair, a convenient table is not so much a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s an absolute necessity.

It’s not only your residents who’ll thank you for providing stylish and functional over-bed tables. They make important aspects of care hassle-free for carers too. A solid, reliable and safe surface makes simple tasks like reading and playing cards, access to spectacles and using a phone so much easier. Eating and drinking becomes a whole lot easier and safer too.

Furncare over-bed tables like the Marlin and Fenton, and our popular Earlham over-chair table are all strong, easy to move and adjustable for maximum convenience and benefit. All feature strong and reliable box-section metal frames, safe rounded corners and optional multi-directional castors.

Our Marlin over-bed table can be used flat, or adjusted to create an angled surface (like an easel) with handy restraint strips fitted to support books and magazines. The Fenton has a gas strut for effortless height adjustment, whilst our exclusive and stylish Earlham over-chair table has a recessed top so spillages, inevitable from time to time, are safely contained until they can be wiped away.

If you’d like to know more about Furncare tables, what else we can bring to the table or have a care community furniture requirement, please get in touch or call 01603 664 900.

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