Moving towards luxury care home interiors.

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Over the past years it has become clear that the care home industry is gradually shifting away from its traditional image, towards a sector that demonstrates luxury and sophistication. Luxury care home interiors are becoming more and more prevalent in care homes around the UK. This can often cost a large amount of money, time and effort in the design and fitout stages. This is why we have developed pre-designed room packages that exude luxury and class, packages that are available in 5 workings days, packages that take the hassle out of luxury care home interiors. See our range of pre-designed room packages here.

The care home sector has always, and will always, put the care needs of it’s residents first, but there is a growing demand to do away with the outdated view that many have of care homes, and to revolutionize the way our rapidly growing elderly care sector is thought of. Our ageing population of post-war baby boomers generally have a greater cash flow from property investments in the 60s and 70s than previous generations, which means that what can be afforded, and expected, by the influx of care home residents is rapidly changing.

In order to keep up with this demand and cater for this market, is it easy to spend vast amounts of money on whirlpool baths, hair and nail salons and other features that are becoming common place in new build care homes; but  here are 5 ways to give your home a luxury touch, without breaking the bank:

1. Paintings and pictures on the walls that match the colour palette of the room create an added element to lift the room and also stimulate residents. A great way to involve residents in the decoration of their rooms is to have them create some artwork of their own.

2. Investment in a welcome pack for new residents portrays indulgence without requiring huge investment. Use of items that would already be included in the room; such as matching towels, toiletries and fragrant wardrobe sachets, simply packaged together with a ribbon can give a hotel feel.

3. Modern furnishings and upholstery can help to give the room a more sophisticated impression – replacement of curtains or cushions can create an instant uplift without requiring the expense of a total refit. See our curtain configurator here.

4. Regular care and maintenance of soft furnishings and upholstery will keep them looking fresh and welcoming, giving an up-and-together and bright impression at the same time as keeping the environment clean and safe for residents. See our upholstery cleaning guide here.

5. Fresh or artificial plants and flowers will help liven up a room, and provides the residents with a focal point that may bring back fond memories from their past. Bringing the outside in can have huge positive impacts on the mental wellbeing of your residents and staff alike. See more about Biophilia here.


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