Liv Room Packages

A contemporary collection of complete furniture packages designed specifically for mental health, supported living and more challenging environments. Inspired by the calming nature of Scandinavian design, we aspired to create unique contract standard furniture that provides the warmth and homeliness all service users deserve.

Throughout the creation of the Liv packages, we drew on our experiences from partnering with some of the largest supported living providers in the UK. Designed from the ground up, these packages boast anti-ligature properties, robust construction and a market–leading 10 year warranty.

As part of the standard Furncare experience, we commit to deliver to your room of choice within 5 days, remove and recycle all packaging, as well as assembling and installing all furniture and soft furnishing items.
If you’re looking for the answer to furnishing homes for younger adults quickly and with style, Liv is for you.

Koppla Bedrooms


Influenced by the complimenting tones of calming blue and uplifting oranges, this unisex scheme portrays a young and vibrant atmosphere. Including the sumptuous texture of velvet and practical waterproof faux leather, this bedroom package will invite new and current service users alike.


Taking inspiration from the great outdoors, this package brings the youthful and serene vibe of nature indoors. The neutral grey and earthy tones of this scheme promote physical and emotional harmony, and provides a restful place for your service users to relax in.

Koppla Communal Rooms

L201 main image


Vibrant but relaxing, this scheme features a balance of deep blues and uplifting oranges, along with luxurious neutral fabrics. Combining comfortable sofas and contemporary cabinet furniture, we have created the perfect atmosphere for your service users to live happy, in comfort.

L202 main image


Focusing in on homely and natural tones, this package is designed to bring a fresh, youthful vibe into your communal areas. Accentuating neutral layers with pops of ochre, this scheme provides the ultimate haven for your service users to enjoying living in.