Care home bedroom packages

care home bedroom packages

An introduction to Care Home Bedroom Packages.

So, what if we told there was a way to solve the three most common problems that care providers face? Spoiler alert… there is! You have probably heard us talk a lot about our pre-designed, quick delivery care home bedroom packages for the care community, and you may be asking why. So why did we introduce these room packages?

Three most common challenges in Care Environments

In care environments, we noticed that there are 3 main challenges that most homes or groups face.

The first is time. Many care home staff are constantly running out of time, and as caring is their priority, everything else can take a back seat. As mentioned here, designing a room is a long and drawn out process and can include several parties.

The second challenge we often come across is occupancy. With more and more emphasis being placed on the quality of care for residents, it has become ever more important to steer away from the ‘institutional look’ room design.

The third challenge is profitability or efficiency. With ever increasing lead times in today’s market, many rooms can be lying empty and unused while the care provider waits for new furniture for a room. Waiting up 10 weeks for bespoke furniture just isn’t an option for some care providers as every day a room is empty, they are losing potential income.

Our Solution: Liberta Vie Bedroom Packages

The first key pillar of Liberta Vie, is Pre-designed. This saves care providers a massive amount of time usually spent choosing fabrics, furniture styles, room layouts and designs. Simply picking out a design from our selection can save days or even weeks of back and forth with designs, styles, colours and fabrics. This solves the time challenge.

The second key pillar of Liberta Vie, is Distinctive Design. Every package in our arsenal has been painstakingly and carefully crafted to reach the ultimate level of design perfection to create a truly home-from-home experience. Every room is guaranteed to make residents and their families say ‘Wow!’. This solves the occupancy challenge.

The third key pillar of Liberta Vie is Quick Delivery. All our room packages are in stock and ready for delivery from just 1 – 5 working days! Slashing lead times from 8 weeks to 5 days means that income lost on empty rooms is a thing of the past. This solves the profitability/efficiency challenge.

So you now know our ‘WHY’ behind the Liberta Vie brand and how it can skyrocket your care offering to the next level but what do you need to do next?

If you are a care provider and you…

  • Have limited time;
  • Want to steer away from the institutional look;
  • And want to turn around rooms faster?

Then Liberta Vie is the solution perfectly suited to solve your problems. Head to our Liberta Vie page to see our range of Care Home Bedroom Packages and room designs or contact us on 01603 664900 or for a FREE quotation today.

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