3 problems & 3 benefits of buying furniture from stock

care home furniture suppliers uk

Care Home Furniture Suppliers UK

When buying from care home furniture suppliers UK, there are several things that you might need to take into account. Considering that Furncare specialises in rapid delivery, high quality furniture from stock, here is our unbiased guide on buying care home furniture.

If you find yourself purchasing furniture for a care home or mental health service, you probably either:
– Go bespoke because you are after a unique or more premium look.
– Prefer the convenience of stock products and look for the quickest delivery option.
Whether you do either of these, this article runs through 3 main problems and 3 main benefits of buying furniture from stock for care settings which may influence your decisions on which furniture provider to go for.

So let’s get straight into it. Here are 3 problems that you could encounter when buying stock furniture for your care home:

  1. Limited choice.
    Choice is a major factor when deciding on furniture for your care homes. Although most companies often hold more than one type of chair or bedside cabinet for example, everyone’s ideals are different, and they may not have a wide enough range for you to select your most desired option.
  2. May not match your taste or fit the home’s design scheme.
    When ordering furniture for your care home, you may be working with a specified design scheme, or have a standard to uphold across homes within a group. If the ranges that are held in stock don’t quite match what you are after, you may not be wholly satisfied with the range available and therefore have to look elsewhere.
  3. Your home’s furniture being the same as other care homes.
    If you order stock furniture from a contract furniture company, it’s likely that other care homes (your competitors) potentially order from the same company too. This may not be a problem for some homes, but others may be trying to achieve a unique look in the environment offered to residents.

The 3 main benefits we have identified when ordering furniture from stock are:

  1. Better value for money.
    You might not be surprised that there is a common misperception that ‘stock’ means cheap, low quality, standard run-of-the-mill items. However, often the reason why companies hold certain furniture items in stock is because these are the items that are most popular, and the products are usually in line with the overall quality of the companies’ offering. Additionally, because stock furniture is typically manufactured in large quantities, the consumer ultimately benefits from economies of scale.
  2. Quick delivery.
    ‘Stock’ also screams ‘quick’, and in most cases this is correct. When you buy a ‘stock’ item from a UK based company you are likely receive it quickly as it has already been manufactured and is ready to be delivered. This can bring a huge benefit to your care home as the less time you have to wait for your new furniture, the less time the room is left unused if empty.
  3. Save time and money.
    If the company has pre-designed schemes and keeps all items for a room in stock, time is saved spent choosing fabrics, furniture styes, wood finishes and colour schemes. Money is saved in a variety of ways, with one of the main benefits being the time a room is left empty is reduced, allowing you to invite new residents to move in quicker.

When purchasing stock furniture from Furncare, whether for elderly care homes or challenging environments services, you can take advantage of our pre-designed bedroom and communal room packages that are available for delivery and installation into your room/s of choice in just 5 working days.

With the variety of room packages we have available, you still have ample choice to select from to suit your home environment, whilst cutting out the need to pay for your own interior designer to specify schemes for you; the work has already been done by our certified in-house interiors team.

If you are looking to order stock for convenience when items need replacing, but you are in the hands of interior designers, we suggest presenting our stock furniture options to your design team and request they work our quick delivery ranges into their schemes.

If you would like to find out more, have a question or enquiry, please contact the team on 01603 664 900, or email us on sales@furncare.co.uk. Also don’t forget to follow us on the various social channels for more blog alerts, answers to common questions and general news and updates!

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