About Furncare



At Furncare we believe that life in a care community should be enjoyed in a comfortable, admirable and inspiring environment. We take pride in providing stylish, substantial furniture that will help your care home feel like a home.


With this in mind we use our expertise to specialise in the design and manufacture of first class furniture and furnishings to create stimulating spaces that offer pleasurable living. In particular we work with the owners, managers and staff of residential care homes, dementia care, nursing homes, mental health, supported living and other care areas, to provide a complete solution that will improve your care environment and meet your requirements…


In everything we do we use our creative imagination, approach every challenge with a spirit of care and apply our insightful understanding.
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Liberta Vie specialises in the bespoke design and manufacture of inspiring rooms for care communities so your residents can live with lifelong freedom, enjoyment and status.

Inspirational Design

We specialise in the design and manufacture of inspiring rooms for care communities. Our 8 bedroom schemes have been carefully considered to provide an enjoyable and relaxing environment for your residents…


Using Our Core Values

Using imagination, care and understanding we create stimulating retirement spaces that challenge convention and offer pleasurable living. With this in mind we have used our intuition, creativity and compassion to create 8 complete bedroom schemes to suit all care communities and requirements.